ABB improves the world’s first field mountable videographic recorder

ABB’s SM500F, the world’s first and only field-mountable videographic recorder, has now been upgraded to offer users an expanded range of options for collecting and accessing their process data, making it suitable for an even broader range of applications.

A major development has been an increase in the number of process inputs from four to seven, greatly enhancing the recording capability of a single SM500F recorder. This is accompanied by an expanded number of software recording channels, from eight to twelve, enabling users to record an increased range of variables to gain a more detailed overview of their process.

Each of the twelve recording channels can record process and communications inputs, math block results, digital signals and other values, providing additional detail and functionality.

Fully compliant with the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part 11 regulations concerning electronic process data collection, the SM500F is ideal for any installation where local indication and recording of process conditions is needed. Typical applications for the device include cold storage, temperature and humidity monitoring, effluent monitoring, borehole abstraction and building management systems.

For more information on the SM500F videographic recorder or any of the SM series please email or call 0870 600 6122 ref.’SM500F’.


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