Robust ABB pressure transmitters resist chemical attack

ABB helps William Blythe save thousands by switching pressure transmitters

William Blythe, a manufacturer of inorganic chemicals, is saving thousands of pounds and several days of production time after making the switch to ABB pressure transmitters.

The company employs a number of pressure transmitters on a plant used to manufacture a halide compound which is extremely corrosive, causing chemical damage to the seals.

Andy Fort, Control and Instrumentation Engineer at the plant, says: “The problem was particularly acute if a small amount of moisture was present because this caused the chemical made on the plant to aggressively attack the metal contact parts of the pressure transmitters – particularly the seals”.

These corrosion problems meant frequent replacements were needed, with two or three transmitters out of the eight installed on the Plant needing to be replaced every 12 months – sometimes more frequently. Because the transmitters are mounted on the seal, the whole unit needed replacing. Costing around £1,000 each, it was becoming expensive to continue to use these products.

“Each transmitter took between six and eight hours to replace,” says Fort. “The maintenance staff also needed to wait for the vessels to cool before they could be worked on. After the replacement, there was a warming time as well to get the vessel to the correct working temperature, so each replacement could mean a full working day of 24 hours was lost.”

Fort contacted WH Good Automation, an ABB Instrumentation Alliance member and a company that Blythes had worked with before to specify the correct seal arrangements and materials to suit the plant’s needs.

The identified solution was to use ABB 264HD pressure transmitters. These have a Hastelloy 2000 seal, which is impervious to the type of damage caused by the chemicals.

The first one was installed nearly two years ago and during inspection, the seals have proved to have maintained their integrity. The ABB products have also proved more stable than the previous transmitters.

ABB offers an extensive range of temperature and pressure equipment for use across multiple industries and applications. For more information, email or call 0870 600 6122 ref. “Temperature and pressure‟.

For more information: Les Slocombe
Tel: 0870 600 6122


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