ABB expands measurement product range with BETA pressure and temperature switches

Our measurement products portfolio has expanded yet again with the addition of the ABB BETA range range of pressure and temperature switches, enabling safe and reliable control of pressure and temperature in a range of industrial applications, including chemical, oil, gas and power.

The switches, characterised by their ability to offer safe and reliable performance in extreme conditions are fully certified to leading international standards. The range includes pressure, differential pressure, vacuum and temperature switches, making them ideal for measuring fluids and gases in a wide variety of applications.

The switches incorporate a precisely engineered, self-aligning, piston sensor for precise operation. The limited travel in the piston, and its direct contact with the microswitch, allows accurate pressure transmission and full protection against the highest over range pressure.

The BETA temperature switch is a pressure switch enclosure with a built-in sealed two-phase temperature sensor for use in gas and fluid applications. As the temperature of the process increases, the vapour pressure of the liquid also increases. If the vapour pressure exceeds the setpoint of the pressure switch, then the switching element will be actuated.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, the temperature switch sensors can be fitted into standard thermowells of up to 10mm bore, or can be direct or capillary mounted.

BETA temperature switches are available in both weathertight and ATEX approved explosion proof models, enabling them to be used in arduous and hazardous locations.

All switches in the BETA range are available in a wide range of materials, avoiding the need for expensive chemical seals.

Certifications for the ABB BETA range include EXIDA (SIL2 Certification), CSA, FM, ATEX, IECEx, and TUV.

For more information including full safety certification and specifications, call 0870 600 6122 or email ref. ‘BETA switches’.


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