Gauge your performance against the best in the industry with ABB’s new online survey

ABB has launched a new online survey that can instantly gauge plant processes and instrumentation performance against industry benchmarks. Located at, the survey aims to provide a snapshot of whether organisations are fully maximising the potential of their installed instrumentation and control systems in the chemical, oil and gas industry.

ABB commissioned an independent research company to determine performance against ten key industry process performance indicators, as well as to assess the average performance of organisations in these areas. These indicators include how effectively plant assets are being used (including intelligent instrumentation), age and certification of plant equipment and the reasons for investing in instrumentation.

On completion of the survey, respondents are presented with a personalised infographic, comparing their answers against established industry norms. A total score out of 100 is attributed, as well as a commentary on how plant processes measures up.

Quick and free to use, it’s simple to find out how your process measures up:

Step one: Log onto

Step two: Submit the short 10 question survey

Step three: Sit back and read the personalized infographic detailing the results and commentary

Step four: Surprised about your results, or secretly smug? Comment on your findings with the rest of the industry by joining the ‘How do you measure up?’ Linkedin group or using #measureup on Twitter.

For more information on the ‘How do you measure up?’ survey please email or call 0870 600 6122 ref: ‘How Do You Measure Up’.


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