One-size-fits-all digital positioner from ABB adapts at the push of a button

Our new PositionMaster EDP300 digital positioner offers a single control solution to suit any control valve with an air-driven actuator. The new unit features built-in intelligence that enables it to adapt to different valves at the push of a button.

Designed for flexible mounting, the EDP300 can control linear or rotary actuators in the same footprint as the previous ABB TZIDC positioner. An optional stainless steel housing means it can be used in corrosive environments, so it’s suitable for tough applications in industries such as chemicals and offshore oil and gas.

The one-size-fits all nature of the EDP300 means that users only need to stock one type of spare to satisfy any positioner failure.

Our human machine interface (HMI) offers time-saving menu-driven programming and control options, while on-board diagnostics support optional pressure sensors to monitor actuator performance in real time for predictive maintenance and improved reliability. Up to five valve signatures can be saved in the device, which can be compared so that valve diagnostics can be performed for the purpose of preventive maintenance. Other innovative features include partial stroke testing, which is used to check the function of ESD (emergency shutdown) valves.

The positioner also includes the options of fast travel in applications with low pressure changes, and slow travel where it’s needed to avoid potentially dangerous occurrences such as water hammer. The heart of the PositionMaster is its powerful pneumatics. Compressed air is generally 10 times more expensive than electricity and the new positioner needs only 0.03kg/h of compressed air to keep it in steady state. This makes it extremely cost-effective to run.

A field proven advanced PID algorithm adds to the savings by virtually eliminating overshoot and settling time, reducing air consumption and boosting energy efficiency even further. Fast, accurate positioning without any unnecessary oscillations also reduces the wear and tear on the valve and on other elements in the control loop and downstream.

The new positioner is flexible enough to handle air supply pressures ranging from 1.4 bar (20 psi) to 10 bar (140 psi) and overload-proofing of 12 bar (170 psi). This eliminates the need for a separate pressure regulator and simplifies the overall control loop, which reduces the chances of failure and improves availability.

The positioner’s air capacity ranges from 5 mg up to 50 kg/h, enabling the EDP300 to work with very small actuators, as well as high-volume models without installing separate volume boosters.

The DTM (Device Type Manager) for the PositionMaster EDP300 is based on FDT/DTM technology (FDT 1.2/1.2.1) and can be either integrated into a control system or loaded on a PC with DAT200 Asset Vision Basic. This allows work to be completed in the same user interface in the commissioning phase, during operation, and for service tasks involving monitoring the device, setting parameters, and reading out data. Certification is provided for ATEX, IECEx, as well as SIL 2 applications.

For more information on the PositionMaster EDP 300 email or call 0870 600 6122 ref: ‘EDP300’.


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