New ABB app highlights potential compressed air energy savings

Thanks to our new ABB compressed air calculator app now available from Apple’s App Store, users of pneumatic valve positioners can now assess the energy efficiency of their valve installations.

Based on the amount of compressed air consumed by conventional positioners, our new app shows how using the latest smart positioner technology can help operators to dramatically reduce their energy costs.

Easy-to-follow instructions show the user exactly what parameters are needed to calculate any potential savings. After entering the number of pneumatic positioners on site, air cost per standard cubic foot and the percentage of time spent at a steady state to calculate the user’s current compressed air energy costs, these costs are then compared to the potential savings that could be achieved using our TZID-C and EDP300 intelligent positioners.

Conventional valve positioners can typically consume compressed air even when not in operation, meaning many sites could be racking up thousands of pounds in wasted energy. However, our TZID-C and EDP300 intelligent positioners ensure compressed air is only consumed when required, which could save hundreds and even thousands of pounds per year per positioner through reduced compressed air consumption.

To find out more information call 0870 600 6122 or email, ref: ‘Compressed air calculator app’. To download the ABB app, please visit the Apple App store and search for “ABB Compressed Air Calculator”.


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