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ABB launches new licence-free HART handheld configurator

March 13, 2013

Thanks to our new lightweight and robust handheld DHH805 configurator, the cost and complexity of configuring instruments in the field has now been significantly reduced.

Designed for use with any HART device, the DHH805 can be used with our very own instruments as well as those from other manufacturers without the need for an exclusive licence, providing a truly universal device offering a greatly reduced cost of ownership.

The mobile handheld DHH805 allows for easy parameterization of any HART device from any manufacturer as long as its EDD (Electronic Device Description) is released from the HART foundation. Thanks to the EDDs necessary for the update being available to download directly from the HART foundation or a manufacturer’s website, the DHH805 does not require expensive licence renewals.

Device configurations can be created off-line, stored in the DHH805’s memory and uploaded to the device at another time. Featuring our common HMI platform, the configurator can be powered up in less than 10 seconds and is supported by a powerful battery, providing 80 hours of continuous use before recharging.

The DHH805 is delivered with a Windows compatible PC-Tool that will notify users of firmware and software updates that may become available, which can then be downloaded or updated free of charge. Users can also use the DHH805 PC-Tool to activate and register the handheld device; carry out EDD listing and uploading; and make changes to the device’s configuration settings.

The device is fully certified for hazardous areas (IEC Ex, ATEX and FM) and is supplied with a 2 GB SD memory card that can store up to 1000 HART EDDs, together with 200 separate device configuration files.

For more information on ABB’s DHH805 handheld configurator please email or call 0870 600 6122 ref: ‘DHH805’.